Never underestimate the advantage of local knowledge
Quicksilver in Namibia
Namib Film Showreel
Peter Hahn Fashion Shoot in Namibia with Namib Film
Flight of the Phoenix
NFK Photography for Sapphire Textiles
NFK Photography for Sapphire Textiles
Tue, 1 Mar 2016 | Stills Production
Tafel Lager: A World I Call Home
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Namib Film

Namib Film was founded in 2000 and started with humble beginnings by scouting locations for visiting producers, and providing location logistics for various productions. From there onwards, Namib Film has built itself from strength to strength with a vast array of productions through our door. Namib Film is the Namibian based company that has facilitated Hollywood studio films, and also proved to be the facilitator of choice for major Bollywood productions that pass through Namibia.

Namib Film is dedicated to bridging the gap between Namibia and the international filmmaker by providing exceptional experience and infrastructure to offer a quality service to productions of any size and magnitude. We will offer you a team that will be dedicated to your production, according to your needs and the scale of the production, by working on a 3 tier basis:

Commercial Division, which includes:

Local Production Division
Deals with all local productions of all genres, which includes:

Our sister company Magic Touch Films is the dedicated department in the IMWE Namibia Holdings group which is assigned to Television & Documentary Division, which includes:

Another defining strength that Namib Film possess is its high standard of local knowledge, together with service delivery standards and experience that match and rival international companies; Namib Film thereby provides the whole package, from visually spectacular locations to professional and experienced production service & support. As our slogan states: “Never underestimate the advantage of local knowledge”.

Production Services provided by Namib Film includes:

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