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Never underestimate the advantage of local knowledge
NFK Photography for Sapphire Textiles
NFK Photography for Sapphire Textiles
Tue, 1 Mar 2016 | Stills Production
Namib Film Showreel
Quicksilver in Namibia
Tafel Lager: A World I Call Home
Flight of the Phoenix
Peter Hahn Fashion Shoot in Namibia with Namib Film
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Film Production

From large Hollywood productions filming in Namibia to local corporate and commercial work, the Namibian film industry and especially Namib Film has seen it all.

Gallowwalker Date: 30 Sep 2013

A feature film, starring Wesley Snipes, which Namib Film facilitated during 2006 in Namibia.

Ghajini Date: 11 Apr 2011

A Indian box office feature film Namib Film facilitated in 2007 for Geetha Arts - Song & dance scene filmed in Namibia.

Drona Date: 11 Apr 2011


Flight of the Phoenix Date: 08 Apr 2011



Namib Film provided an extremely well organizes and friendly infrastructure for the Art Department on “Flight of the Phoenix”. I was impressed not only with the efficiency of the office, but the professional crew they provided, making our work so much easier to perform. The majority of location shows I have done lose time in set you ad finding crew, so it was a pleasure to move to a location, especially one as remote as Namibia, and hit the ground running without a hitch. This level of professionalism was maintained throughout the five month shoot, and when shooting in what was unknown territory for us, the outstanding level of local knowledge displayed by Namib Film, gave us the peace of mind and security that is normally only acquired on home ground. I hope sincerely to work with them all again. It was truly a pleasure.

- Paramount Pictures: Flight of the Phoenix - Andrew Menzies Supervising Art Director Flight of the Phoenix

“Flight of the Phoenix” recently completed both principle and second unit photography entirely on location in the Republic of Namibia under the extremely capable and experienced auspices of Namib Film in the personage of Mr. Guy Nockels and his wonderful team. “Phoenix” was a uniquely difficult production: we got what we came for – harsh, beautiful desert, massive, untouched landscapes as alien as they are breathtaking, vast, stunning vistas. Now, anybody that has ever lugged a film camera around will tell you that it is hard enough to do it inside a four walled studio, never mind in the middle of the Namib desert, yet, thanks to the amazing talent of Guy and his team at Namib Film, they pulled it off without a hitch and, literally, captured the impossible. I cannot speak highly enough of Namib Film: they are the real deal and no one can touch them in that part of the globe. From interaction with Government Agencies to day-to-day production, through the handling of massive Special Effects sequences to the delicate and comprehensive attention to detail when dealing with Hollywood stars, Namib Film came through for us with flying colours. And, unlike many facilitating companies, Namib Film have their eye on the long term future: they are fiercely proud of Namibia and go to the least measure to ensure that the desert environment s they allowed us to film in were left as pristine as they were found, These guys are no cowboys – they are professionals, true and true and it was a pleasure and an education to work with them. There would be no “Flight of the Phoenix” without Guy Nockels and his Namib Film team… it’s as simple as that.

- A Twentieth Century Fox Release "Flight of the Phoenix" - John Moore Director

Dhoom 2 Date: 08 Apr 2011


Tafel Lager - A World I Call Home Date: 20 Feb 2013

The Directors cut of the commercial Tafel Lager "A World I Call Home" by award winning Director SeRGiO.

Libero Date: 23 Sep 2011

A commercial production Namib Film facilitated in 2008 for the production company The Big Picture.

Djarum Date: 23 Sep 2011

A commercial Namib Film facilitated in 2004 for production company Gatehouse.

Windhoek Lager Stakeholder Date: 23 Sep 2011

Stakeholder video Namib Film facilitated for Namibia Breweries (Client) and Jupiter Drawing Room (Agency) in 2009

Power Horse Date: 11 Apr 2011

A commercial Namib Film facilitated in 2010 for the production company Close-Up Films

Halifax Date: 08 Apr 2011


Badedas Date: 08 Apr 2011


Aviva Date: 08 Apr 2011


Nadec Date: 08 Apr 2011


JVC Date: 08 Apr 2011


Sport XX - Winter Date: 08 Apr 2011


Sport XX - Summer Date: 08 Apr 2011


Yamaha Date: 08 Apr 2011


Windhoek Lager - Recipe Date: 08 Apr 2011


Windhoek Lager - Flat Tyre Date: 08 Apr 2011


Megapass Date: 08 Apr 2011


Lottomax Date: 06 Feb 2013

A commercial Namib Film facilitated in 2012 in Namibia for the production company The Big Picture

Tafel Lager Date: 18 Oct 2011


Blackberry Date: 11 Mar 2013

A commercial Namib Film facilitated for Farm Films in 2012.

Lotto Max Date: 28 May 2013

A commercial Namib Film facilitated for The Big Picture Company

Dude, You're Screwed Season 2 Episode 1 Epic Fail Date: 11 Nov 2014


Monty Halls Dive Mysteries Date: 11 Nov 2014

An episode Namib Film facilitated for this popular television program Monty Halls Dive Mysteries in Namibia.

The All Sorts Kulila Date: 29 Oct 2013


The Making of Kulila Date: 25 Oct 2013

Behind the scenes of The All Sorts music video

‪Stefan Ludik Date: 23 Sep 2011

A music video by the Namibian born South African music artist Stefan Ludik which Namib Film facilitated in 2007 for Mozi Films

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern Date: 23 Sep 2011

A section of the program for series Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern in Namibia that Namib Film facilitated in 2010 for Tremendous Entertainment


Tremendous! Entertainment had the pleasure of working with Namib Film on a recent production of our international hit television program “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmen.” We have worked with dozens of production companies around the world and can tell you without a doubt ha Namib Film is one of the very best. During story development and pre-production, they understood our needs and helped us make wise decisions according to our budget. In the field, they kept us on schedule and provided incredibly detailed local expertise. Our production needs were thought of and taken care of at every turn. On top of that, the entire staff at Namib Films was a joy to work with. If the opportunity should arise again, Tremendous! Entertainment would work with Namib Films without hesitation. We highly recommend them to anyone considering a production in Namibia

- Tremendous! Entertainment: Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmen - Jane E. Durkee Chief Operating Officer and Vice-President

Extreme Azerbaijan Date: 23 Sep 2011

A reality competition television programme Namib Film facilitated in 2011 for Extreme Azerbaijan LLC

The Hairy Bikers Cookbook Date: 08 Apr 2011


Die Reise - Music Video Date: 08 Apr 2011


Blue peter Date: 08 Apr 2011


Thank you so much for your incredible contribution to Blue Peter’s Winter Safari to Namibia. Everybody on the team absolutely adored filming in Namibia and we are so grateful to you for all the incredible access you gave is. Without you, there is no way would could have pulled so much material together in such a short space of time and I will certainly b recommending you to anyone else who wants to film out there – you all worked tirelessly for the best result possible! It was an experience that none of us will ever forget and the viewers have been writing and emailing in with comments about how much they enjoyed watching the shows. The whole series of films and programmes were fantastically well received and I cannot thank you enough for that.

- BBC: Blue Peter’s Winter Safari to Namibia - Ross Sewell Producer/ Director

Michaela's Challenge Date: 08 Apr 2011


The Challenge Battle Of The Seasons (Trailer) Date: 31 Aug 2012

Namib Film facilitated the Namibian section of this ever popular MTV reality game show's which formed part of the twenty third season.

Phil's World Wide Cookout Date: 11 Mar 2013

A lifestyle cooking show Namib Film facilitated for ITV in 2012.

Areva Desalination Date: 05 Sep 2013

Corporate facilitated by Namib Film

Areva Midi pad Date: 04 Sep 2013

Corporate facilitated by Namib Film

Cheetah Kingdom Date: 23 Sep 2011

This documentary was facilitated in 2010 by Namib Film for the UK TV channel ITV. This episode forms part of the popular Animal Kingdom series aired on ITV.

Babies Date: 11 Apr 2011

A 18 month documentary Namib Film facilitated from 2006 to 2007 for the French production company TBC.

Life After People Date: 08 Apr 2011

Kolmanns Kuppe in Namibia

Elephant Nomads of the Namib Desert Date: 08 Apr 2011


Quiksilver in Namibia Date: 06 Feb 2013

A short documentary Namib Film facilitated in Namibia for Quiksilver Europe. The documentary contains footage of the world renowned surfer Jeremy Flores surfing in Namibia.

The Hunger Date: 11 Mar 2013

A documentary Namib Film facilitated for Icon Films in 2011.


Icon Films worked with Namib Film on a documentary featuring the San Bushmen of the Kalahari. From first contact it was clear we were in good hands and that both Namib Film and Elnette Pearson, our Production Manager, were very capable, Communication was clear, informative and prompt, Firstly Namib Film organized and joined us on a recce to meet various members of the San tribe and the subsequent film shoot, although logistically quit challenging, ran like clockwork and we were able to achieve everything we set out to film. I would use Namib Film again in the future and would recommend them to other production companies.

- Icon Films – "San Bushmen The Hunger" - Laura Coates Associate Producer

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