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Namib Film, Magic Touch Films & the Namibia Film Commission Represent Namibia in London Date: November 2017

Namib Film and Magic Touch Films are proud to represent Namibia and the Namibia Film Commission at FOCUS 2017, The Meeting Place for International Production, to be held in London on 5/6 December 2017.

Namib Film, the longest running film production company in Namibia, and our sister company Magic Touch Films will travel to the United Kingdom for the third time to represent Namibia at the most prestigious production location event in the world. This forms part of our mission to showcase Namibia as a premier international location destination, with world-class services and support.

What makes this year’s visit even more special is the fact that our team will represent the Namibia Film Commission, truly turning the spotlight on our film industry.

FOCUS returns to London for its third edition, is the only European audio-visual event to offer content aimed at all the creative screen industries and it is the only UK event to bring in film commissions, locations providers and production service companies from over 50 countries. Our Namibian delegation led by Namib Film’s Executive Producer Guy Nockels, will meet with various international filmmakers, television producers and directors, reconnect with some who have worked with our companies in the past, while showcasing our experience and professionalism.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with Guy, or find out more about Namib Film, Magic Touch Films or the Namibia Film Commission, pop our Executive Producer Guy Nockels a mail, head to our contact page, or visit and register as a delegate to use the #FOCUS Scheduler.

We look forward to seeing you in London!

One company is helping the east meet the west Date: March 2017

While Chinese businesses visiting Namibia are nothing new, Hunan Satellite TV, the second most-watched channel in China, second only to CCTV-1 owned by China Central Television, recently concluded filming parts of a reality television series in Namibia.

The production, which first saw the team visit Namibia during a scouting trip for a few days in December of last year, and now locations such as Harnass Wildlife Foundation east of Gobabis and Deadvlei near Solitaire in the south of Namibia as part of filming on location around the world including countries such as Brazil, South Africa and Australia, wrapped filming locally in March.

The company behind the production, Hunan Satellite TV, broadcasts to most China, the far East and is viewable in North America and Europe, contacted Namibian production and film company Namib Film to facilitated the scout and this year entrusted them with the production that included over 150 celebrities and crew members, with the celebrities accompanied by 8 dedicated crew members throughout the project.

According to Mr Guy Nockels, Executive Producer of Namib Film, throughout the very challenging production, the visiting film crew had a chance to see the stunning scenery, enjoy the amazing hotels and travel on the incredible road network which makes Namibia a favourite film destination for European television stations and large Hollywood studios.

He further added that China was counted as having the most screens in the world in 2016, and at some stage the nation had the third largest film industry by the sheer number of films produced annually.

With this in mind, Namib Film sees great potential in developing this new partnership with Hunan Satellite Television and believes that once other Chinese filmmakers see what Namibia and local film companies such as Namib Film and its sister company Magic Touch Films has to offer, and hears of the professional services offered, there would definitely be more productions moving in.

Namib Film and Magic Touch Films Represented Namibia in London Date: January 2017

With a host of international film and commercial productions calling on Namibia as the location of choice, local production companies Namib Film and Magic Touch Films increased Namibia’s visibility as a top location when they attended the 2016 Focus International Location Production Event held in London from 6 – 7 December 2016.

The longest running production company, Namib Film and its sister company Magic Touch Films proudly represented Namibia at the most prestigious production location event in the world as part of their mission to build Namibia’s reputation as a premier location destination.

Attended by all major international production companies and studios, the event is billed as a core meeting place for international production and showcased locations from around the world, while giving producers and directors an opportunity to meet the representatives from local production facilitators.

With an excellent service offering and past projects including Mad Max, Flight of the Phoenix (Namib Film), the Namibian filming of ITV’s Marooned with Ed Stafford and reality TV show Naked and Afraid (Magic Touch Films), the production companies met top international filmmakers at their stand.

Speaking from London, Mr Guy Nockels, Executive Producer and CEO of Imwe Namibia Holdings, the holding company of the two Namibian production companies, as well as Equipment List Rentals and Desert Ace Charters and Tours, said that attending Focus 2016 was an ideal opportunity not to be missed.

“It gave us a chance to personally meet with various international filmmakers, television producers and directors, and to reconnect with some who have worked with us in the past. We could also showcase our experience and professionalism, while turning the spotlight on Namibia,” he said.

The second year of attending Focus 2016, Mr Nockels believes that they helped bridge the gap between Namibia and international filmmakers. He says that Namibia is rich in production experience and infrastructure, and if combined with the local knowledge available, can cater for productions of any magnitude.

In his view, large Hollywood productions, like the Mummy recently filmed in Namibia, helps to put Namibia on the map, but it’s still up to local houses to further show the world of movie making that we aren’t just a pretty desert location and can provide film, commercial, stills and television productions the whole package, from spectacular locations to professional and experiences production service and support.

For this reason Namib Film and Magic Touch Films enjoyed attending the 2016 International Location Production Event presented by The Location Guide.

How to keep your set safe whilst filming in Namibia Date: September 2016

Namib Films' Executive Director Guy Nockels shares his thoughts on why safety is always the top priority on set.

In our industry and experience, most productions run smoothly and apart from a few splinters or a sunburn here and there, when the footage is in the can, crews leave with a smile on their faces.
As the saying goes, one should always prepare for the worst and expect the best. Even more so when a certain degree of danger is expected.

When it comes to international productions in Namibia, one could say that it’s even more important than ever to make sure that provision is made for trained medics in the budget. We don’t say this because Namibian productions shouldn’t worry about it, but because these big productions employ large crews, usually have more intense scenes and if something should go wrong, this could have a very negative impact on our local industry.

Linette Booysen of Movie Medics Namibia, whom we use regularly for productions facilitated by our own production companies, recently commented on a social media post we made regarding health professionals and medics working on film sets in Namibia:

“… Just to touch on the matter raised by Magic Touch Films, kindly be informed that according to the Allied Health Professions Act 2004 (Act No.7 of 2004), Section 18 (1), ‘No person is entitled to practice within Namibia a register-able Health profession, unless that person is registered in terms of this Act’.”

She also continued by saying that “the public is urged to report to the Police or the Health Professions Council of Namibia persons who in their opinion are practicing any related professions without being registered with any relevant Council for prosecution in terms relevant sections of the Acts.”

What made us bring this up?

A few months ago one of our teams went to Botswana on a production and was quite surprised to learn how strictly that country enforces a similar law, i.e. if you’re not registered as a medical professional – you don’t work as one!

It made us think (and wonder) whether production companies facilitating in Namibia or international crews actually know the rules of the game when it comes to medics and health professionals on set!

We can only hope so and use this opportunity to educate instead of berate. After all, on the day that something does go horribly wrong on set (that prepare for the worst part of the saying) no producer or company should be in a position to explain why they were operating outside the law.

The legal Service Department of the Health Professions Councils of Namibia can be contacted for more information at Tel: +264 61 245 586 or at

What’s our view? Feel free to contact us. After all, if you didn’t think about it, and you’re planning a production, never underestimate the power of local knowledge.

Date: December 2015

Namib Film will be exhibiting at the FOCUS film location and production event – the first of its kind to be hosted in the United Kingdom. This prestigious film event will be hosted by The Location Guide on the 14th and 15th of December at the Business and Design Centre in Islington, London. Door will open at 10am and will close to the public at 5pm, so feel free to come and visit the Namib Film team at Stand 30, to see what Namibia has to offer as a filming destination. Namib Film’s Chief Operating Officer, Gwen Swart, will also be in London from the 16th till 18th of December, and will be available for meetings if you cannot attend the FOCUS event. Please contact her on her email address to schedule a meeting. Namib Film is looking forward to meet you!

Date: October 2015

Namib Film & the Imwe Namibia Holdings had fun filled day on the 08th of October with the children of the Sunshine Centre Walvis Bay and the team of SPCA Walvis Bay.

The children were educated by the kennel master, Bernice Grobler, on the correct manner in which they must look after their pets. Each of the learners enjoyed Bernice's talk thoroughly, and could not get enough of the beautiful cats and friendly dogs they had the opportunity to interact with.

Some strong bonds were formed on the day between the children and animals. We also were graced by the presence of Namibia's own Paralympic gold medal winner and superstar athlete, Johanna Benson.

Thank you to the SPCA Walvis Bay for making this day possible, and to the Sunshine Centre for giving us the opportunity to arrange this education trip for the learners.

For more information on each of the organisations please visit Sunshine Centre Walvis Bay and the Walvis Bay S.P.C.A Facebook page.

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