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AFCI Location Trade Show 2009, Santa Monica, Los Angeles Date: April 2009

As proud co-sponsor of the Namibia Film Project, Namib Film will be present on the Namibia Film Commission's stand (Stand No. 815) at the 2009 AFCI Locations Trade Show at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Los Angeles from the 16th - 18th of April 2009. You are invited to come and meet us for a personal introduction to Namibia and Namib Film. We look forward to meet you.

January proved that 2009 is going to be a very busy year for Namib Film by us kicking off the first month of the year with five productions back to back Date: January 2009

January proved that 2009 is going to be a very busy year for Namib Film by us kicking off the first month of the year with five productions back to back.

Namib Film started the year with two commercials titled “Zwitserleven” for Cellusion Films in association with Navigator Films (South Africa).

Namib Film again proved their steel by obtaining permission with local authorities to land a Cessna plane in the middle of the dunes, which guaranteed for a visually spectacular commercial leaving the clients with more than what they expected. With only one shoot day in the Caprivi, in the North of Namibia, Lady Luck showed us that she was on our side by handing us the clearest and most beautiful weather on our one and only shoot day, with the rest of our visiting days being showered with rainstorms. Truly a smooth sailing start to a prosperous year.

Third on our list was a stills shoot & corporate video shoot titled “California” in association with Mo Productions (South Africa). On both these productions confidentiality was of the utmost importance as we had the opportunity to be part of a selected group of people to witness a unique product which has not been released to the public as yet. All we can say is….”Watch this space”.

Another exciting project that Namib Film took on with both hands this month is an 18 month gig to film Namibian history in the making. Namib Film is filming a stop frame, long term observation of the construction of the Trekkopje mine in Namibia, which will span over a period of a year and a half. Thereby contributing to the safety, security & marketing of the newly constructed Namibian mine.

Orbita Max and Namib Film completed the filming of the first 3D Film for Large Format, Digital and Conventional Theatres Date: May 2008

The Spanish film production company, Orbita Max in association with Namib Film, completed the shooting of its feature film, shot entirely in 3D for Large Format theatres, digital theatres and conventional 35mm theatres. The film, with the working title “The Magic Tale”, directed by Jordi Llompart, tells us the story of a girl’s fantastic travel to Africa, where she interacts with other children, wild animals, trees and plants that show her the way to the world of imagination and to the meaning of life.

This will be one of the first European 3D feature film shot entirely in real stereoscopic image, thanks to using two simultaneous cameras, supplied by 3D Camera Company Canada, in order to reproduce the vision of the left and right eyes, and not generating this image with computers, as it is usually done. The film will be completed after a long post-production process with sophisticated animation techniques, in 2009.

The complete Namibian and South African production services were provided solely & entirely by Namib Film.
As Namibia’s premier production service company there was no-one in a better positioned to service this very logistically challenging production.

The production traveled 16 000 kilometers from Luderitz in the south of Namibia to Puros in the North West and onto Knysna and Wolmaransstad in South Africa in 9 weeks.

Shooting in temperatures of around 42º C and living in tents in some of the most remote parts of Namibia, testing the production’s support strategy to the limit but Namib Film came through with flying colours and once again proved that you can “Never under estimate the advantage of local knowledge”.

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